109th Annual Conference Program (2021)

Posted by ODI Secretary | On: Jan 26 2021

In 2021, ODI will be having a virtual conference in Zoom!

Below is the proposed program. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday April 13

Session Chair: Steve Cettel

10:00   Welcome to ODI 2021 and AM session

10:10   Keynote:  Thinking Big – a Global Dairy Market.  All aspects of the US Dairy industry (economics, supply, innovation, research and sustainability) are influenced by large, international companies.  What are these companies doing and how will they exert pressure on US dairy? (Mike McCully, McCully Group)

11:00   E-commerce: Not Your Grandmother’s Oldsmobile – Implications to the Dairy Industry.  Not online ordering, but true e-commerce, the likes of which are unfathomable in terms of the sales generated by companies like Alibaba and JD.com.  Despite Amazon, the US is still behind in grasping the true extent and potential of the magnitude of virtual commerce, and the forces that have and continue to shape it.  (Cathy Strange – Whole Foods)

11:40   Wrap AM session/preview PM

12:00  Start Vendor Breakouts

  2:45  End Vendor Breakouts

Session Chair:  Sheri Cole

3:00     Welcome PM session

3:10     On-Trend Innovation Opportunities in Dairy and Plant-Based Products (Donna Berry)

3:45     Video “2021 Current ODI”

3:55     Digitizing the Dairy Story – how blockchain technology can digitize the dairy supply chain and allow stakeholders to collaboratively harness the power of information sharing and storytelling for consumer engagement. Raja Ramachandran, CEO Ripe Io

4:20     Technology Innovations – Opportunities, disruptors and their implications to the Dairy industry (Andy Fan, OSU Dept. of MIME)

4:45     Wrap up Day 1 and preview for Day 2

4:50     Adjourn Day

5:30     Social Reception        

Wednesday April 14

Session Chair:  Chris Haines

10:00   Welcome to Day 2

10:10   Rethinking methane – dairy’s path to climate neutrality” (Dr. Frank Mitloehner, UC Davis)

10:40   Video – “2021 Past ODI”

10:50   After the Smoke Clears: Options to address the challenges and implications to the PNW Dairy industry – (Dr. John Bailey, OSU Forestry + Isaak Stapleton, ODA)

11:25   Sustainability Panel – Metrics that Matter:  a view across the Dairy Supply Chain (David Gremmels, Rogue Creamery and Tafline Laylin, Darigold)

11:55   Wrap AM session/preview for PM

12:00   Start Vendor Breakouts

  2:45   End Vendor Breakouts

Session Chair: Dr. Lisbeth Goddik

3:00     Welcome PM session

3:10     Oregon Dairy Stories – Ochoa’s Queseria and the artisan’s path to growth and Smith Bros. successful integration of Alpenrose. (Francisco Ochoa and TBD)

3:40     Oregon Food & Beverage Roadmap Next Steps: How should the Roadmap guide the evolution of Oregon’s food and beverage industry, what’s required to make the vision a reality and what does it mean for Dairy?  (Patrick Criteser, CEO and President Tillamook, Sam Tannahill founder A to Z Wineworks, OSU College of Agricultural Sciences Dean Alan Sams. moderator)

4:25     Video – “2021 current ODI”

4:35     Annual ODI Awards Program

            Steve Cettel

4:55     2021 ODI – Virtual Elliker Cheese Tray

Download the program as a PDF