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Prices subject to change yearly. Below are the current prices. Member dues should be paid by January.

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Golf Tournament

Single Golf Ticket $185



Plant Member Dues $375
Addition Plant(s) each $150
Supplier Member Dues $325
Associate Member Dues $325



Entry $100
Business Card-sized ad in
conference flyer

Sustaining $500
+ Logo display on screen at annual convention
+Logo display in regular email campaigns

Gold $1500
+ Complimentary registration (1 total)

Showcase Hospitality $1000
+ Company logo displayed in supplier Hospitality Suite
+ Company product featured in supplier Hospitality Suite
+ Company snacks provided in supplier Hospitality Suite
(only 2 available)

Platinum $2000
Additional conference registration (2 total)


Annual Conference

2 Day Registration Earlybird
First 2 per company (each) *$290
Addition attendees *$265
OSU, ODA, and FDA employees $220
OSU student $100

1 Day Registration
Tuesday $215
(no cheese tray)
Wednesday $235
(includes cheese tray)

Lifetime Members
Tuesday $25
(no cheese tray)
Wednesday $60
(includes cheese tray)

Tabletop (includes 1 registration) **$615
Booth (includes 1 registration) **$790

Lunch only $25
Cheese Tray only $35

Supplier Hospitality Suite
Grand Hotel Boardroom $200

* After March 2nd, the Conference cost is $315 and $290 for the 3rd and subsequent member.
**After March 2nd, Tabletops are $715 and Booths are $890