ODI Floyd Bodyfelt Scholarship

Scholarship Objective

bodyfelt[1]This scholarship honors the contributions of OSU Professor Emeritus Floyd Bodyfelt. The scholarship will support students who have a strong interest in dairy foods. By creating this scholarship we assure that Professor Bodyfelt’s contributions will impact future generations of dairy professionals.

Fundraising Objective

To support the Bodyfelt Dairy Scholarship, please send a check to Lisbeth Goddik, OSU, Dept Food Science, 100 Wiegand Hall, Corvallis OR 97331, or contact Lisbeth at 541.737.8322. Checks must be made payable to the OSU Foundation. You can also make your donation directly through Oregon State University’s website.

Professor Bodyfelt’s Background

Professor Emeritus Floyd Bodyfelt has served the dairy industry throughout a stellar career focused on improving the quality of dairy products from raw milk at farm level to packaged products in dairy manufacturing facilities.

During his thirty-three years as the Oregon State University Dairy Processing Extension Specialist, Bodyfelt provided leadership for statewide extension programs in dairy technology to dairy processors, suppliers, regulatory agencies, and consumers.

Through numerous training courses with dairy farmers he contributed to elevating the overall quality of Oregon’s raw milk supply which continues today to be among the nation’s best, consistently ranking in the top five states in the nation (USDA SCC statistics).

During this time, Bodyfelt coined the first rule of dairy quality assurance—”the final product is only as good as the raw materials going into it.” Today, quality assessment methods introduced by Bodyfelt are in widespread use.

Bodyfelt also trained dairy product judging teams for decades and his graduates currently hold important positions within the dairy industry and regulatory agencies, both locally as well as nationally and internationally. “My biggest thrill is having so many students who are now leaders in the food industry,” he said. “It is most rewarding to see former students who have far exceeded their own expectations.”

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