Butterfat content in butter

Posted by ODI Secretary | On: Aug 12 2019

Many of our region’s butter manufacturers now produce butter with a higher butterfat content. The claim is that butter with a higher fat content is better for baking. Is this actually true? Oregon State University dairy foods program is investigating what makes butter better for baking. One parameter we look at is 80 vs 82% butterfat content. Our data demonstrates that 82% butter is significantly better than 80% butter in laminated doughs, which are used for croissants, Danishes, and puff pastry. We have observed differences both during dough production and in the baked pastries. Dough, made with 82% butter, exhibits less breaks during lamination and therefore functions better in industrial baking processes. Pastries made with 82% butter will rise more and therefore be of superior quality to those made with 80% butter. This research was conducted by graduate student Sebastian Ramirez, who will soon be graduating with a M.S. in Food Science with an emphasis in food engineering and continuous improvement.  

This project was supported by BUILD.  For more information please contact Lisbeth Goddik.