Welcome Future ODI Exhibitors

In 2021, Oregon Dairy Industries will be holding a virtual conference via Zoom. Experience the full conference, now from the comfort of your home!

This is how the exhibit hall will work from your perspective:

Step One: Attendees Watch Conference Session over Zoom

The first step: Visitors watch virtual presentations over Zoom. Programs run Tuesday and Wednesday, both morning and afternoon/evening.

Wednesday night will be the award ceremony, cheese tasting, and the cheese auction results!

Our exhibitors are welcome to leave anytime after 2:45pm on Wednesday, April 14.

Suggested hours are 9am Tuesday, April 13 to 2:45pm Wednesday, April 14.

Since this is our first virtual conference, we do not know how many people will attend. We are estimating around 200. We can easily scale attendance, if needed.

Step Two: Attendees Directed to our Website

At the end of the morning session (around noon), attendees will have a two-hour break for lunch. We will encourage visitors to check out the virtual exhibit hall. This will be available from our home page:

Step Two: Button on home page.

Step Three: Exhibitor Selection

A page will display the logo of each exhibitor. Visitors will pick one exhibitor to visit.

Note: We will be offering a random door-prize drawing for people to visit every booth.

Step Three: Pick your favorite company.

Step Four: Exhibitor Detailed Information

The Exhibitor detail page will display the following elements:

  • Button to launch “booth” (Zoom meeting)
  • Button to visit the exhibitor website
  • Detailed information about the exhibitor
  • Exhibitor logo
  • An image of the exhibitor’s choice
  • Information about the door prize.

Here is an example page.

How Much? What Will I Get?

  • Virtual “booth.” ODI will host all exhibitor booths
  • Unlimited co-hosts. Like any Zoom meeting, you will have the ability to nominate several co-hosts. Each co-host can mute/unmute participants, screen-share, and create break-out rooms for further discussion.
  • Unlimited break-out rooms. If an exhibitor has brought along multiple sales people, each one can have a break-out room for private discussions answering questions. Think of a break-out room as a meeting within a meeting.
  • Screen-shares available. If you have a PowerPoint deck to share, this is easy to do. Only hosts can share a screen, which will prevent the dreaded Zoom Bomb. It is possible to share video, but it is not recommended because of various connection speeds.
  • Free training. We understand that you may not have used Zoom before. Not to worry! We will meet with each exhibitor to walk him or her through the process. We’ll also send some printed documents detailing the processes.
  • Technical support. Before the conference, there will be a group Q&A session for exhibitors to ask questions. During the conference, we will be on-call to help if you have any problems.
  • Door-prize programming. We will be recording visits to each exhibitor. For those that visit every exhibitor, we will have a random drawing. You don’t have to do anything! We will handle everything for you.
  • Advertising. The ODI conference is attended by major industry leaders here in the Western United States. We will be promoting the conference to our members and mailing list. Our expected attendance is at least 200 people. We will notify exhibitors during our Q&A session what our final attendance number is.
  • Contact List. Every exhibitor will have access to the contact information from the conference.

Your price: $200

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