ODI on Social Media

Posted by ODI Secretary | On: Jul 11 2019

Oregon Dairy Industries has started to post on social media. Our inboxes overflow with links to information important to your business. We are sharing the best of the best with you over our many new channels…

LinkedIn. LinkedIn is all about business. We invite you to connect with us there and do business with us! Oregon Dairy Industries is now set up as a company. We even made it easy-to-remember using a short link. Our page address is: https://www.oregondairy.org/linkedin

Twitter. Twitter is short and to the point. Some people like that Twitter is simple facts. Get in. Get the news. Get on with your day. We will be posting a few links each month here. Like for LinkedIn, we have a short link for Twitter, too. Our feed is: https://www.oregondairy.org/twitter

Facebook. We use Facebook to connect to friends and family. We want to connect to you, as well! Feel free to start discussions and comment about the links we are posting. Our page is: https://www.oregondairy.org/facebook