Tackling Food Loss and Waste: a full value chain approach

Posted by ODI Secretary | On: Dec 20 2020

ODI Educational Seminar #2, Tackling Food Loss and Waste with Sarah Beaubien of Quantis, Inc. Sponsored by the OSU Bodyfelt Scholarship

The conversation on food loss and waste is often focused around what consumers can do to reduce their impact. But food waste is an issue starting at the farm and spanning the value chain. Agri-food companies have a large responsibility and vested interest in taking action to improve efficiencies, not only in their operations, but all the way upstream to the farm.

Meet The Speaker

Sarah Beaubien
Director, US
Quantis, Inc.
Portland, OR

As the US Director for Quantis, Sarah leverages the power of business to build sustainable, resilient food systems and restore natural resources, biodiversity, and ecosystems. Prior to joining Quantis, Sarah spent twelve years as a sustainability lead in the food and beverage CPG companies, working at the intersection of food, farming, and policy. During her non-working hours, she enjoys exploring the local food scene, cooking, playing piano, skiing, biking, traveling, and adventuring with her family.


When: Friday, 11/13
Speaker: Sarah Beaubien, Director (US), Quantis, Inc.
Title: Tackling Food Loss and Waste: a full value chain approach
Time: 10am – 11am Pacific (one hour)
Cost: Free (Paid by Sponsor)

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