The Quality and Price Implications of Ingredient Lists for Dairy Products

Posted by ODI Secretary | On: Dec 20 2020

Consumers are increasingly demanding foods that are “clean label”, which is a trait that lacks legal definition. Previous research indicates that clean label-seeking consumers are interested in foods with short ingredient lists containing simple ingredients. However, clean label reformulations often increase production costs and potentially result in products with inferior sensory qualities. It is unclear how poor sensory characteristics impact consumer preferences for clean label foods. Our research aimed to fill this gap using a hypothetical choice experiment. We sampled frequent consumers of plain yogurt in Corvallis, Oregon. Our results provide insight into how stabilizers and texture defects impact consumer preferences.


When: Friday, 12/11
Speaker: Sara Maruyama, Oregon State University
Title: The Quality and Price Implications of Ingredient Lists for Dairy Products
Time: 10am – 11am Pacific
Cost: Free (Paid by Sponsor)

Meet The Speaker

Sara Maruyama

Oregon State University

Sara is currently completing her MS Degree in the department of food science and technology at Oregon State University. She earned her BS degree in 2015. Upon completing her undergraduate degree, she worked for Tillamook County Creamery as an associate R&D scientist. She worked on a variety of new product development and improvement projects. As a result, she is familiar with the  challenges that accompany clean label reformulations in dairy. Her prior experience supported her thesis project, which sought to uncover how different ingredients and sensory qualities impact consumer preferences. This project is a collaboration between Oregon State University’s food science and applied economic departments. She is co-advised by Dr. Juyun Lim and Dr. Nadia Streletskaya.

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