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Posted by ODI Secretary | On: Dec 03 2021



The position is comprised of two components:

Business development (40%):

  • Increase membership and sponsorships
  • Develop strategic plan to ensure continued viability of ODI

Administrative (60%):

  • Provide leadership to ODI in support of the ODI board
  • ODI Annual Conference – Plan and manage meeting logistics, communication & publicity, vendors and sponsorships, budget, etc
  • ODI Annual Product Evaluation – communicate with suppliers, calculate data, manage awards and trophies,
  • ODI Golf Tournament: support golf planning committee, oversee registration and budget
  • Board Meetings: Schedule two annual board meetings

Required qualifications include:

  1. Experience with conference and/or project planning
  2. Excellent Communication skills
  3. Demonstrated experience with developing and operating within a budget
  4. Experience with strategic planning
  5. Experience with Word Processors (ex: MS WORD) and Accounting programs (ex: QuickBooks).
  6. Experience with Organization Revenue Enhancement techniques is a plus. Ability to develop a sustainable funding model is essential.  
  7. Be available, in person, in April (usually midmonth) for our annual conference at the Salem Convention Center; and be available to attend ODI Board/Planning Committee meetings in May, & January in Portland or via zoom as determined by Board.

Preferred qualifications include:

  • Experience with leading a non-profit organization
  • Knowledge of the dairy industry and/or the food industry
  • Experience with maintaining educational organization webpages
  • Experience with any continuing-education organization is a plus.

Initial contact person will be the ODI Conference Coordinator at Oregon State University:

Lisbeth Goddik, Department Head for Food Science & Technology, Oregon State University


Contract payment will be dependent upon the experience, and prior successes of any candidate with an expected range from $25,000-$30,000 with an additional bonus based on increased revenues. On-the-job travel expenses are covered.

To apply for this position, please send Letter of Intent that addresses your qualifications for this position along with a resume to Lisbeth Goddik at lisbeth.goddik@oregonstate.edu

Apply by February 1 for full consideration.

The ODI Board will make the final hiring decision for this position; without prejudice or bias.  ODI is committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusivity in our activities.

About ODI

Oregon Dairy Industries (ODI) is a 110+ year-old non profit organization dedicated to the continuing education and training of all dairy industry workers and professionals.  Our membership is diverse and represented by Individual Memberships, Company Memberships, Government Agency Memberships, and other kinds of membership, which arise from Dairy Industry and Dairy Supplier groups. Our area of concentration is the Pacific Northwest (OR & WA.) however we would want the consultant to solicit memberships nationally and even internationally.

We are seeking to hire a part-time independent contractor (person or vendor) who can function with our current membership, attract new membership, run the annual ODI Conference, support the annual ODI Golf Tournament along with the ODI Product Evaluation, and maintain a sustainable financial foundation for the organization. The Executive Director will work with the ODI Board to develop a vision and strategic plan for ODI to assure relevance and vitality of ODI within a changing dairy industry environment.   

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